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Ecommerce App Development


Ecommerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces.

Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from ecommerce, which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.

Types of Ecommerce Models

1. Business to Consumer (B2C):

When a business sells a good or service to an individual

2. Business to Business (B2B):

When a business sells a good or service to another business

3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C):

When a consumer sells a good or service to another

4. Consumer to Business (C2B):

When a consumer sells their own products or services to a business or organization

Advantages Of Ecommerce



Examples Of Ecommerce

Ecommerce can take on a variety of forms involving different transactional relationships between businesses and consumers, as well as different objects being exchanged as part of these transactions.


The sale of a product by a business directly to a customer without any intermediary.


The sale of products in bulk, often to a retailer that then sells them directly to consumers.


The sale of a product, which is manufactured and shipped to the consumer by a third party.


The collection of money from consumers in advance of a product being available in order to raise the startup capital necessary to bring it to market.


The automatic recurring purchase of a product or service on a regular basis until the subscriber chooses to cancel.

Physical products

Any tangible good that requires inventory to be replenished and orders to be physically shipped to customers as sales are made.

Digital products

Downloadable digital goods, templates, and courses, or media that must be purchased for consumption or licensed for use.


A skill or set of skills provided in exchange for compensation. The service provider’s time can be purchased for a fee.

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