Prototyping and Strategy

preliminary visualization of a working product


Mobile App Prototyping


A prototype is a preliminary visualization of a working product. In mobile app development, prototypes build an understanding of the product’s look and feel, which helps test how customers use and react to the overall UX design.

Using a prototype for usability testing allows for enough time to make changes to critical design issues before the product reaches development and it becomes too late (and too expensive) to make major changes to the UX.

  • The purpose of a prototype is to communicate a product’s design and navigation flow.
  • Prototyping is a valuable exercise which results in visualization.
  • prototype is essential for user-centric design and development.
  • Prototyping is a central part of the design thinking research process.

The Benefits Of Mobile App Prototyping

Identifying Product Improvements

Mobile app prototyping validates an early concept and provides opportunities for the exploration of new ideas early on in the development process.


Starting a project with a mobile app prototype saves costs in the long run. It’s far less expensive to solve problems at the beginning of the process.

Client Involvement

During the prototyping phase, it’s beneficial to involve the most important stakeholders in the planning process. As much as possible, stakeholders need to have co-ownership of the project’s design ideas and decisions.

UX Validation

Creating a mobile product that results in deep user engagement is a difficult task to accomplish.

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