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We are one of the leading IT Company in Mobile Application Development. At Vencent Systems, We drive innovations, bring ideas, solutions and services to life and advance the well-being of businesses around the globe. We strongly believe in delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services to our clients. We deliver IT services that provide exceptional value, these solution assets allow us to respond quickly to evolving business needs thereby reducing client total cost.

Our standardized mobile app development process makes use of a specific set of capabilities, resources, and related tools to successfully plan, design, develop and deliver desired mobile apps within the predetermined budget and time-frame.

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Application Development Process

The mobile app development process typically includes idea, requirement gathering, business analysis, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

Idea: As trite as it sounds, all great apps began as ideas. You want your brain to instinctively ask “Why do we do things this way?” or “Is there a better way to solve this problem?” If you can identify a problem or market inefficiency, you are half way to your idea!

Requirement Gathering: Requirements needs to be gathered ahead of development This phase allows a complete picture of the business needs can be captured before development commencing. There are two main goals of this process. First, learn as much as you can for free.

Making mistakes is time consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Why not save a few iterations, by learning lessons from competitors? The second is to understand how hard it will be to compete in the marketplace. Are people hungry for a new solution? Is there some niche not being filled by the existing options? Understand what gaps exist and tailor the solution to meet them. If the idea is completely new, find other “first to market” apps and study how they educated consumers about their new product.

Business Analysis: During Business Analysis process end-to-end roadmap of the application is decided. The goal of this process is to understand what your app could become one day. Detail planning for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is Done. During this process, we note down all the requirement needed into the app and then begin ranking these items by priority in order to define the Milestones along with the creation of Mock-ups and workflows.

UI/UX: We understand the importance of a UI/UX design lies in the creation of the first impression. A good app has higher usage time and this can be done with the app’s UI UX design.

Development: Our mobile app development process follows Agile Methodology which is an iterative process. This basically means to break up all development work into smaller milestones(sprints) and build the application in a series of cycles. Each cycle will include planning, development, testing, and review.

Testing: Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of the mobile application development lifecycle. To ensure the successful development of app, QA must be involved in all stages of development, from creating the concept to analyzing requirements, to creating test specifications and releasing the finished product. Quality assurance is even key to post-development reviews.

Deployment: There are two main components to deploying the mobile application. The first involves deploying your web server (API) into a production environment that is scalable. The second is deploying your app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

App Maintenance & Support: Mobile apps have to be regularly monitored you cannot just create a app and expect it to run smoothly without any support and maintenance. The Application should be regularly refined, fixed and updated to retain the performance and user base to the optimum.

In the support and maintenance phase we need to cover end to end maintenance which includes various stages from fixing bugs, maintaining the app Updates, implementing new features, Maintaining the code, adding features and so on. Any app needs to be serviced regularly for the sake of its survival.

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Our app development process is to create functional and high-quality applications for our clients within an affordable price. Our standardized mobile app development process makes use of a specific set of capabilities, resources, and related tools to successfully plan, design, develop and deliver desired mobile app within the predetermined budget and time-frame.


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