Real Estate

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Real Estate


Today’s consumers are mobile-dependent. They expect to be able to do everything on their mobile devices, from ordering food online to purchasing a home even selling a property.

The expectation of mobility is no different for the home renovation and for real estate industries, although traditionally, these sectors have been slow to adopt new technology, but now as there are advancement in the technology with the upcoming mobile applications even real estate industry can get a loyal customer base from which they can get a personalized view of the property at any time and from any device

Some of the Feature List of Real Estate Application

  • The number of permits for home renovations in that area
  • How much the property value went up on homes that were recently renovated
  • Which companies did the renovations
  • How to calculate the ROI on the home you’re looking to buy, if you were to do a renovation

Types of Real Estate

  • Land
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Application Domains for Real Estate Industry


Real Estate Industry

  • Development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Brokerage
  • Property management
  • Lending
  • Professional services (law, accounting, etc.)

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